• Evelor Savior

How to Manage Mental Health Using 3 Energy Crystals and Meditation

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Be more in control of your life

What does it feel like to wake up feeling clear headed, refreshed, at peace and in control of your life every day?

I have infused this audio with Reiki Light vibrations and positive affirmations to help you expand your energy and consciousness even more.

Breathe slowly, relax your shoulders and feel more grounded.

• Press "Play"

We are co-creating our life with the Universe by giving to the universe the energy, the emotions, actions and the vibrations of what we want to attract in our lives. The job of our subconscious mind and the Universe is to then align the people, the events, the places and the opportunities to make our dreams come true.

For me, meditation is about creating time for yourself to be silent and tune into your intuition.

Take a deep breath in, relax your shoulders and feel at home in your body. Connect with the essence of the Universe deep within the planet Earth's core; you can feel that vibration tickling the sole of your feet a little bit.

Sense this light essence, this unconditional love, going up your legs, your knees, your thighs, your waist, your chest and radiating throughout your entire being.

You feel refreshed. You feel...grounded. You feel loved. You feel....hmmm...delicious. Because you are at home right here on Earth. You are living your purpose. You are basking in the JOY of just being here. It's awesome to be here with all of us. You have your own message, your own skills, your own talents. your own magic and your own unique greatness that you bring to the table.

YOU are freaking AMAZING and powerful! Feel this celebration of YOU and spend some time in this energetic field.

You might start to receive some guidance or new ideas about things in your life. Write it all down in your journal. Use it as your divinely guided blueprint to help you navigate through the human life as you continue to evolve on Earth.


-Evelor Savior


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