The Goddess. The Orphan. The Badass Leader.

Evelor Savior went from being an adopted orphan from Haiti to living her dream jetsetting lifestyle while building a meaningful business empire!


Founder of Fame Factor Lab.


Evelor has been marketing online since the Myspace days and even got invited to the Myspace and YouTube offices in New York to be interviewed.


She graduated with distinctions from Shaw Academy in the Digital Marketing program in 2016. Her own social network now reaches well over 200,000 people, partially from boldly sharing her life story about how she overcame suicidal depression and began living the fulfilling life she’s born to enjoy every day.


Evelor believes that we all can use our life’s story to save someone’s future while building a lucrative brand.

The Media Boss


Evelor typically has a wait-list because she gets results for people. As an intuitive and social advertising geek, she spots and helps to remove the biggest challenges that are in the way of you increasing cash flow in your business using social media.


Whether you’re a Blogger, Published Author, Keynote Speaker, or Thought-leader, you can make more money through your Instagram and Facebook business pages from people who don't know much about you or your background yet.


You simply need to create a certain brand experience Evelor calls "The Digital Dopamine Effect" to inspire your tribe to buy your stuff and believe more and more in your vision with EVERY single post you make.


In Evelor's Own Words

Hi Awesome Expert


... what you have to offer is too frrreakinggg important for you to be invisible on social media. 


You've probably spent years mastering your expertise, working on yourself, and doing amazing coaching programs, courses, or talks in your community transforming lives in a way that's unique to you.


Now you're ready... to go Global...


To step out there, build a big social platform and share what you have to say everywhere on the internet.


You deserve to be known, appreciated, and respected as the go-to authority in your industry whenever people mention your name. 


Your tribe is scrolling on their cell phones right now waiting to meet you.


According to, there are 2.23 Billion people on FB as of the second quarter in 2018, 1 Billion on Instagram  right now , 1.47 Billion on YouTube.... Well you get the picture.


So, how do you grab people's attention on social media and turn that attention to money? 


From the words you use in what you're posting online to the types of videos and photos you choose, there is a formula to becoming everyone's favorite Expert in your field on Instagram, or Facebook etc...


Get excited🤗😆!!!


I Am Evelor Savior and I'm here to help you talk about who you are and what you offer on social media in a way that instantly captures people's hearts and have them do business with YOU.


My team and I are pretty badass at creating brand publicity, visual messaging materials, and targeted social ads on Facebook and Instagram to rapidly help you grow your business with fresh new Clients and scale revenue. We handle all the trends research, tech and tacts to help you achieve your goals.


Here's your next move, 

Click the button below to apply to work with me. 


I am delighted to help you monetize your message, your lifestyle,

and your passion while you're transforming lives right from your cell phone. 


When are we speaking so we can get things going?



Stay prosperous! 


Show up online. Transform lives. Grow Your income.

Globalize your life's mission.



A  Pop



Evelor Savior is also a multi-lingual Musician and Singer-Songwriter. Her love of music began when she was just 3 years old after both of her parents transitioned to the other side. Her first adoptive family taught her to sing in churches and by the age of 9 she was writing her own songs for the boys she had a crush on at her church in Haiti. Evelor is currently seeking a Talent Manager to help develop her Music career globally. You can enjoy Evelor's musical arts on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tiday, XBox Music, and YouTube.

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