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Evelor Savior will help you get the valuable results you want on social media. You go all in. She goes all in. Period.

Whether you’re a Published Author, Speaker, Blogger, a Thought-Leader Entrepreneur, or a Service based Business Owner, you can use your Instagram and Facebook business pages to share your knowledge and make a great living.

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Become Everyone's Favorite Expert on Instagram

Evelor Savior prides herself in being your new biggest supporter and your secret potion for dominating and being profitable on social media.

That’s because as a Strategic Social Media Consultant, Evelor is only interested in the most effective, straight-forward strategies to help you get to the top spot in your industry faster and stay on top.

Evelor has been marketing online since the Myspace days and even got invited to the Myspace and YouTube offices in New York to be interviewed. She specializes in working with Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Thought-Leaders and big Brands through her fully-managed private client work, consulting, promotions, and workshops.

With over 80,000 engaging fans just on Instagram alone, she had already built her Brand to reach at least 100,000 people on social media -before she even graduated with distinctions from Shaw Academy in their Blogging, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Programs! Her online network now reaches well over 200,000 people. 

 “I wanted to say thank you to Evelor Savior. She was my coach over the last 3 months. 


She came into my life at the perfect time. After working with her and even during working with her, that a lot of things were coming my way. 


I mean now I have two paid talks; I've had so much more abundance in my financial life. 

I've gotten several new paid clients now because I changed my energy through working with her! 

She's so positive and encouraging!"  

-Dr. Christina Tarantola 


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- Reginald Estell

Lawyer of 28 Years

CEO of No Compromise Records

The Official Label for Major Touring Artists: T"Juan & TJ Sauce Kid!


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 “Evelor is extraordinary! I love working with her. So knowledgeable. Absolutely worth it!”  

Jeannie Trantel

 Celebrity Author of "Disguised Blessings" from the Dr. Phil show.

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What Others Have Asked

How can Evelor Savior and her team help my business?

First, CONGRATULATIONS on taking steps to make your brand bigger on social media! If you make money from your expertise, you're in the right place! Evelor Savior helps Experts share their knowledge everywhere on the internet in a way that compels people to follow them and buy their stuff. Evelor and her results-addicted team are geniuses at creating visual messaging materials, brand publicity, and social ads to help you build a profitable presence online. We can either handle all the techy stuff, the trend, market research and positioning for you or give you a well-defined 3-6-12-month plan for your brand. Then, you implement it and do the work yourself. ______________________ Some more details below. A) Visual Messaging and Branding: From the words you use in what you're posting online to the types of photos and videos you choose, there is a formula to inspiring people to support you and believe more and more in your vision with every post you make. We help you craft how you talk about who you are and what you offer and optimize your website so you can make more money with your Brand. B) Brand Publicity: We feature you and your business in the mainstream media such as on the ABC, FOX News, CBS sites + over 300 other publications including top podcasts, blogs, online radios, and the Bric Television in New York. The way we do it will position you as the Hero in your field that people have been waiting for. You will be able to put "As Seen On ABC..." on your website and social profiles to gain even more influence! C) Social Ads We create and run successful Ads on your Facebook and Instagram business pages to introduce your message and your brand to thousands of people who are scrolling on their cell phones right now waiting to meet you; they just don't know you yet. We only target the most ideal clients possible in our Ad campaigns to ensure maximum results and compatibility with your business' values. These ads will help you nourish your fans with your expertise while creating a top notch brand experience for them so you can increase your revenue and establish long term loyalty! #EmailMarketing #WebsiteCopy #SocialMediaMarketing #LeadMagnets #Copywriting www.FameFactorLab.com

How much does that cost?

Glad you asked! Evelor Savior only works with highly-committed Entrepreneurs. Time is money and just like your time is extremely valuable, hers is also. When we work with our premium Clients, we offer them a top notch service experience that make them feel like Royals while getting them the results they came to us for. You go all in. We go all in. Top clients currently pay anywhere from 2K to $35K to work with Evelor. There are 3 ways you can work with us. 1) Private Mentoring and Coaching with Evelor Savior (Starts at $10,000.00) 2) Instagram and Facebook Ads (Starts at $5K + Revenue Share per Brand) 3) Brand Awareness Strategy + Action Plan Consulting (Starts at $2,000/hr)

What do I need to do to work with Evelor Savior?

Awesome! Click on the "Consulting" tab on our site www.FameFactorlab.com and fill out the form in the middle of the page and click submit. Once we review your application, if we think we're a great fit for you, Evelor Savior's Executive Director will reach out to you within 48 hours and *set up your consulting appointment with Mrs. Savior for the next available time. *Evelor typically has a wait-list because she's very selective on who she accepts to work with and she maintains a busy jetsetting lifestyle every week while catering to her premium marketing Clientele. If we don't think we can effectively help you at this time, we will email you our best recommendations or connect you with an Expert we approve of and who we know can help you with what you need help with. We are excited to serve you!

I'd like to interview Evelor Savior or have her come train my team. Who do I contact?

Great! To schedule a workshop or feature Evelor Savior in your podcast, summit, magazine, blog/vlog, event or any other media, please send a detailed email to her Publicist at: EvelorMGMT@Gmail.com Thank You! Here's to a great business relationship with you!

Media inquiries


If you’d like to interview Evelor Savior 

for your podcast, summit, blog, magazine, newspaper, event or any other media, you can reach out to her publicist directly at: EvelorMGMT@Gmail.Com 

Mrs. Savior has over 60,000 fans on Instagram alone and always receives a ton of messages every day either thanking her for the difference she's making in the world or requesting her expert guidance. In order to continue to serve you while catering to her premium Clients or maintaining her jetsetter lifestyle, Evelor answers a selection of questions sent  via her Instagram DM at @EvelorSavior or via email at: FameFactorLab@Gmail.Com

Get On Demand  Branding/Marketing Advice from Evelor

You're doing well already in your business and want a slice of the Billions of dollars that social media is generating for businesses. Getting your name out there in a really impressive way is easier than you might think when you know exactly what to do AND partner up with a badass media boss, Evelor Savior, who is connected with some of the top Millionaire Entrepreneurs in online business. 

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